Ships are a large and growing source of air pollution in Europe and around the world, but recently agreed measures to tackle emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides (two important and harmful air pollutants) from ships are under attack by industry, and attempts to establish stricter standards for nitrogen oxides (NOx) in coastal areas are being thwarted.

A recent International Maritime Organisation (IMO) decision to relax the so-called “Tier III” NOx standards for new ship engines is a major setback and industry is now pushing for a delay to the implementation on new standards for the amount of sulphur in ships fuel.

Seas At Risk, working with other environmental organisations, is working to halt this roll-back of clean air regulations, to push for early adoption of NOx emission control areas in the Baltic and North Seas, and to ensure that standards for emissions to air from ships are effectively enforced.

Study supporting a multi-pollutant approach to the monitoring, reporting & verification (MRV) of ship GHG emissions.

Air Pollution from Ships brochure, November 2011 (pdf)