A new international report on the effects of climate change on our oceans has served as a serious warning of the need for drastic cuts in CO2 in advance of the COP21 climate talks in Paris in November.

The European Environment Agency’s State of Europe’s Seas report released today warns that marine environmental degradation combined with ever increasing exploitation is pushing our seas, and therefore also our planetary ecosystems, to the brink of collapse.

In an unprecedented encyclical Laudato Si (Praise Be To You) on the environment and climate change, the Pope has called “to move forward in a bold cultural revolution”, proposing an ‘integral ecology’ to reinstate ethics and values in economy, politics and society as a whole.

Brussels - Seas At Risk and The Fisheries Secretariat sent a brief to Fisheries Ministers following the publication of the Commission Communication on Fishing Opportunities for 2016 and ahead of the Council meeting 16 June.

Germany - On World Oceans Day the leaders of the G7 nations concluded their two day summit with a declaration that includes pledges to support global greenhouse gas emission reductions of 60-70%, tackle marine litter and encourage better governance for deep-sea mining. 

Brussels – 8th June is World Oceans Day, a global day of reminder and celebration of the unique and delicate ecosystems that cover over 70% of our globe. The theme of this year’s Ocean Day is 'Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet'.

Brussels - EU Countries are taking a business–as-usual approach to managing their marine environment, and are therefore bound to fail to meet the good environmental status objective that the EU had established for 2020.

Piraeus - This year’s European Maritime Day is taking place at the port of Piraeus in Greece on 28-29th May, and will be focused on the theme of ports and coasts as gateways to growth.

London - Regrettably the IMO decided today that business as usual is more important than agreeing that international shipping must make its fair contribution to combating climate change.

Brussels - A new CE Delft study has revealed that many recently constructed ships already meet the International Maritime Organisation’s design efficiency standard for 2020, indicating that there is significant room for tightening these standards when the IMO meets next week.