Time is ticking. Chances of achieving biologically diverse, clean and healthy seas by 2020 - as required  by the Marine Directive - are decreasing every day if urgent action is not taken. Measures proposed by Member States to achieve this noble commitment are too weak and  lacking in  ambition to  achieve it.  Meanwhile  our seas face increasing pressure.  Action is necessary, now!  

With this purpose Seas At Risk, with the help of its members and other allied NGOs, is running a campaign to engage European citizens and send a message to the Ministers across Europe that we want them to take all necessary measures to have our seas back in good environmental status within the 2020 deadline. The campaign consists of a petition, a video animation and a social media campaign using the #emojiocean hashtag. Seas At Risk aims at collecting as many signatures as possible before the Environment and Fisheries Ministers meetings which are to be held mid-December. The petition will be closed on 19th December and the result of the petition will be communicated to all EU Environment and Fisheries Ministers.

With only a couple years left to act, the challenges are getting bigger every day and our marine ecosystems continue to suffer:

To have biologically diverse, clean and healthy seas by 2020 Seas At Risk needs the contribution of whoever loves the sea.

2017 11 24 picture petition


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