The umbrella group ‘NGO Shipbreaking Platform’ is calling on Bangladesh to refuse entry and dismantling of the Probo Koala ship – the vessel that became infamous in the case of 528 tonnes of toxic waste being dumped in the Ivory Coast in 2006.

The NGOs are concerned that the ship will be broken down in an unsafe and environmentally damaging manner because of expectations that the Probo Koala contains many tonnes of hazardous asbestos, PCBs, toxic paints, fuel and chemical residues.

In 2010, a Dutch court found the multinational company Trafigura guilty of illegally exporting toxic waste from Amsterdam in the Probo Koala.

Two months after the waste was dumped in Abidijan, the largest city in the Ivory Coast, over 107,000 people had been registered as having been affected by it. According to the Ivorian authorities, 16 people died as a result of their exposure to the waste.

Seas At Risk member organisation, the North Sea Foundation is a member of the NGO Shipbreaking Platform.

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