In a welcome development the Environment Committee of the European Parliament agreed to support the inclusion of shipping in a revised EU greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (ETS). Under the proposal shipping would be included in the ETS from 2023 if the International Maritime Organisation fails to establish a global measure by the deadline they agreed earlier this year.

The support of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament provides an alternative mechanism to include shipping in the ETS. 

A recent study commissioned by Transport & Environment suggests that without further measures growth in shipping (and aviation) emissions will undo nearly half of the of the savings expected to be made by the rest of transport in Europe up to 2030. Shipping emissions are projected to rise with growth in the global economy and world trade and are at present largely unregulated.

The Parliament plenary will vote on its position next year. Negotiations between Parliament and national governments will then begin, with the aim of reaching an agreement on reform of the ETS by the end of 2017.

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