The European Parliament has agreed to support a proposal from its own Environment Committee to include shipping in the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (ETS).

The proposal allows ship owners to pay into a newly created Maritime Climate Fund as an alternative to buying ETS allowances. The Fund would be used to help make ships and ports more efficient. The Parliament proposal is that inclusion of shipping in the ETS would only happen after 2023 and only if the International Maritime Organisation has failed to agree a global response by that date. This timing fits with the IMO’s recently agreed roadmap.

The proposal will now be part of the negotiations between the Parliament, European Commission and Member States, with a final decision expected later in the year. This welcome development was part of an otherwise weak package of proposed ETS reforms from the Parliament that has attracted considerable criticism from environmental NGOs.

Seas At Risk is calling on EU Member States to support the Parliament’s shipping ETS  proposal, and on the IMO to stop criticising EU action and instead expedite work on its comprehensive IMO GHG emissions reduction strategy so that global measures bringing shipping in line with the Paris Agreement objectives are in place well before 2023. 


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