The Clean Shipping Coalition, of which Seas At Risk is member, comments here on the findings of a new study into the design efficiency of ships that includes the most recent data on ships built in 2016. The study finds that a considerable number of ships in different ship categories already comply with phase 2 and even phase 3 requirements, providing further evidence that EEDI requirements need strengthening. The study also finds, however, that design efficiency improvements appear to have stalled in 2016, with the average design efficiency of new bulk carriers, tankers and gas carriers being worse in 2016 than in 2015. Of equal concern is the study's finding that a surprisingly large share of the ships that entered the fleet in 2016 had efficiency (EIV) scores well above the reference line, sometimes as much as 50%, suggesting that there may be non-compliance with the EEDI


2017 05 17 IMO recent design efficiency trends the EEDI

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