Good Environmental Status (GES) is the key concept of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. By 2020, Member States must take the necessary measures to achieve or maintain GES in their marine waters. The Directive foresees 11 descriptors of GES, with which Member States will have to comply.

Seas At Risk has been involved in the negotiation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) since the beginning. With its entry into force, SAR's efforts have shifted to its implementation process.

It is generally acknowledged in the academic and NGO world that small-scale fisheries are for the most part more sustainable than industrial-scale fisheries; unfortunately they have been forgotten and their potential ignored as policy-makers have struggled to make industrial fisheries more sustainable.

The International Maritime Organisation's Antifouling System Convention entered into force today, some seven years after its adoption.

The Convention, which bans the use of Tributyltin (TBT) based antifouling paints globally, and contains a regime for restricting the use of other harmful antifouling paint technologies, met the requirement of ratification by 25 States representing 25% of the world's shipping tonnage last year. The Convention was adopted in London in October 2001 but the ratification process has been slow with the first of the large flag States (Panama) only ratifying in 2007. The Convention has now been ratified by 34 States representing 53% of the world's merchant shipping tonnage.

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