Last week´s annual meeting of the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission has failed to take the steps necessary to protect high seas deep-water ecosystems and missed the UN General Assembly deadline for introducing protection measures.

A one day Seas At Risk conference on Climate and the Oceans ended today with a clear and urgent signal to the shipping & fishing industries that they must do more to reduce their GHG emissions and help tackle climate change.

The conference heard a series of scientists describe how climate change was impacting on the marine environment. They included Dr Keith Brander and Prof. Jürgen Willebrand, both lead authors for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s recent 4th Assessment Report.

The Seas At Risk "Climate & Oceans" conference took place in Brussels on the 5th November 2008. The speakers drew the attention of the public to the marine impacts of climate change and the mitigation challenges facing the fishing and shipping industries.

The potential impacts of climate change on the environment are serious and relatively well-known, but the specific impacts on the marine environment seem to have a lesser hold on the minds of the public and decision makers.

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