Seas At Risk member organisation the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has shared its experience of improving national management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in a webinar this week.

Over 100 European Marine Sites (EMS) have been designated in the UK under EU laws since 1994. In the UK, they make up 7.6% of the seas, yet historically there have been no effective measures in place to manage destructive fishing practices in these sites. MCS has collaborated with ClientEarth for seven years on a national campaign to protect EMS from destructive fishing. The UK authorities and regulators responded with several promising new initiatives to deliver improved protection for EMS, developed with fishing communities.

This week MCS’s Jean-Luc Soland and ClientEarth’s Catherine Weller presented an informative webinar to provide others in different EU countries with tactics and strategies for engaging with their national authorities to ensure more effective protection for their MPAs. They suggest that the UK experience is adaptable to other EU member states that also face destructive fishing in their own EMS. The hour long webinar was co-sponsored by the EBM Tools Network and MPA News, and is available to view at Open Channels here.

Seas At Risk will work with MCS and our other member organisations to promote fisheries measures in MPAs across Europe, using the toolkit MCS and ClientEarth developed and presented in the webinar. 

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