OSPAR countries have chosen to ignore damning reports concerning offshore oil drilling, opting against immediate action. Instead, they have decided to hope for the best by choosing to continue drilling in extreme conditions whilst no substantial safeguards have been put in place since the Gulf oil spill.

A study by American space agency NASA has concluded that polar ice sheets are losing mass at an accelerated rate and much faster than previously predicted, further highlighting the need for immediate measures to mitigate the effects of global warming.

As OSPAR Commission countries meet to discuss offshore industry issues, recent reports make it clear that a moratorium on new oil drilling in the North East Atlantic is essential while new rules and procedures are developed and adopted to prevent another Deepwater Horizon style disaster.

At a meeting of Fisheries Ministers and Members of the European Parliament, Ministers from Denmark, France, Germany and the UK all gave their support to Commissioner Maria Damanaki’s call for a ban on discards.

Commissioner Damanaki is meeting Fisheries Ministers and Members of the European Parliament for a discussion on discarding, the current wasteful practice of throwing unwanted or over-quota caught fish back into the sea.

The Clean Shipping Coalition (CSC) is calling on six European countries to ratify a crucial piece of marine environmental legislation, in order to enable their participation at a crucial vote on energy efficiency standards for ships at a meeting of the IMO this summer.

Seas At Risk has called on the European Commission to show more ambition in regards to the ongoing implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).

The expansion of what are commonly known as ‘dead zones’ in the world's oceans are growing in size and consequentially further exposing certain fish stocks to higher levels of overfishing, a new study has found.

Representing the interests of plastics manufacturers, the lobby group Plastics Europe has complained to the European Commission and is trying to overturn an Italian government initiative that would reduce the amount of plastic bags entering the marine environment.

Estonia, Greece, Finland and Malta have failed to transpose the Marine Strategy Framework Directive into national legislation, thus breaching the legal requirements of the Directive. The European Commission has sent an initial warning to these Member States.

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