In a letter supported by Seas At Risk, the NGO Platform on Shipbreaking has called on the Bangladeshi Prime Minister, to stop the dumping and breaking of ships on the beaches of Bangladesh.

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for strict EU rules to protect the Arctic, including from ship-source black carbon emissions, heavy fuel oil used in ships, and oil drilling.

A new report on marine litter has highlighted a problem that not only ruins beaches and maims unsuspecting wildlife but costs governments and industry millions of Euros each year.

As part of a project evaluation, FISH and Seas At Risk have produced a short survey regarding the briefings they provide before all EU Fisheries Council meetings: Continue reading to give your feedback.

As an example of the project, the briefing - that has been sent out to all Fisheries Ministers, their advisors, several hundred other decision-makers and stakeholders before the December 2010 Council meeting - can be seen by following the links below. The survey takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
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In a new report that highlights failures concerning the Gulf oil spill, EU legislators have been given further reason to administer precaution and put in place an oil drilling moratorium in European waters.

After years of threatening regional EU action if the IMO didn’t tackle GHG emissions from ships, the European Commission has started 2011 by announcing a consultation on options for an EU measure.

EU Fisheries Ministers have reached an agreement on 2011 TACs and quotas following the EC's proposals in several instances, but also penning lower cuts and even increases for some stocks, doing away with the scientific advice and putting several fragile fisheries in jeopardy.

Continued wrangling over application of the principle of common but differentiated responsibility has again sunk hopes of a UNFCCC deal on GHG emissions from shipping.

In an open letter sent out to Ministers ahead of the December EU Fisheries Council meeting, Seas At Risk and the Fisheries Secretariat have called on Ministers to follow scientific advice on the majority of the fishing quotas for 2011.

Designed to help the shipping sector reduce its carbon footprint, a free online database detailing the energy efficiency of ocean going ships has been set-up.

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