The Environment Council agreed today to a long-term vision and a new biodiversity headline target for 2020. By agreeing to the strongest of four options proposed by the European Commission, the Council has given biodiversity a second chance after the failure to meet the target of halting biodiversity loss in the EU set for 2010.

The formal adoption by the Council of the European Union to support a trade ban on bluefin tuna was a positive move, but severly weakened by the conditions that came with it. The EU position is an important factor in negotiations next week on a global ban on the trade of this heavily endangered species.

A report published by the coalition group OCEAN2012 - of whom Seas At Risk are a founding member – has documented an array of case studies illustrating how Europe’s fisheries might be managed to become more environmentally and socially sustainable.

The European Commission has followed the European Parliament by agreeing to support the listing of bluefin tuna under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), but on several conditions.

With fish stocks plummeting and the fishing sector stumbling from one crisis to another, it could seem that European fisheries are beyond hope. And perhaps some are. But the ongoing process to reform the Common Fisheries Policy poses an opportunity not to be missed if Europeans want to have their fish... and eat them too.

The European Parliament has declared its official support for a listing of bluefin tuna under Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), it was announced today.

A leaked report by the German government has heavily criticised both the United Nations and the European Union’s efforts to prevent the continuing build up of marine waste at sea, the German magazine Spiegel Online has reported.

The threat to fisheries due to the adverse effect of ocean acidification has been put high on the agenda by leading marine biologist Jim McClintock.

A ban on fishing in certain European waters in order to replenish stocks has been called for by two leading fisheries scientists in a study published last month.

“Market failures” have been blamed for putting off a more carbon efficient shipping sector as experts suggest an emissions trading scheme is ripe for shipping, a European Commission funded report has said.


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