Portuguese NGO and Seas At Risk member Liga para a Protecção da Natureza (LPN) launched its sustainable fish consumption website last month.

The website was launched on World Ocean’s day on the 8th June at a local market in Lisbon and was followed by a discussion and debate with a range of participants from, and including, the general public, fisheries policy officers, fishers, retailers and government officials.

Portugal is one of the largest consumers of fish in Europe and LPN see the website as an important tool in educating people to eat more responsibly.

The Portuegese NGO also see the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy as a top priority in order to safeguard fish stocks and alongside their collaboration with Seas At Risk in this area, they are also part of the recently formed Portuguese coalition group PONG-Pesca who similarly are working to sustain fish stocks.
LPN’s sustainable fish website: Que peixe comer?

For more information on LPN:

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For more information on PONG-Pesca
(Platform of Portuguese NGOs on Fisheries)

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