Seas At Risk are pleased to announce that German environmental group BUND and the Belgian/Dutch organisation Sea First Foundation have joined the association.

At last month’s Annual General Meeting, both groups were warmly accepted by the Seas At Risk Assembly, broadening the associations reach across Europe and bringing the total number of organisations part of the network to seventeen.

BUND (also known as Friends of the Earth Germany) is involved in ecological agriculture and healthy food for climate protection and the development of renewable energy, protection of endangered species, forests and water. They recently opened a marine office and have approximately 480,000 members - making them one of the largest environmental groups in Germany. They also have a national network of 2,000 regional and local departments.

The Sea First Foundation, who are based in Belgium and the Netherlands, aim to inform and educate the general public, and children in particular, about the importance of the world’s oceans and what threats are posed to the marine environment. Through raising awareness, the Sea First Foundation’s goal is to prevent detrimental human impacts on the oceans and all marine life.

Seas At Risk is a democratic international network that uses its unique membership base and long-standing expertise to advocate environmentally sound policies at the European and international level.

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