‘Stop ai sacchetti di plastica’ or otherwise known as ‘Stop plastic bags’, the current campaign being run by Italian NGO and Seas At Risk member Legambiente, calls for an outright ban on a menace to the marine environment - the disposable plastic bag.

It is estimated that as much as 80% of all marine litter is plastic, with the one use sacks making up a significant proportion of that figure.

In Italy, where Legambiente focus their efforts, 20 billion plastic bags are annually used each year, equating to around 300 per citizen. Legambiente estimate that this also means an average family will emit 10 kg CO2 per year through the use of plastic bags.

In the marine environment, plastic bags are a true menace to marine organisms. Fish, whales, dolphins and turtles can easily and often become entangled in plastic bags. In some instances, sea animals mistake the floating pieces of plastic with food, they ingest pieces such as cigarette lighters and their stomachs fill up with a mass of plastic that most likely leads to their death.

The purpose of Legambiente’s campaign is to collect as many signatures as possible to convince the government to put a ban on the marketing of disposable plastic bags.

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