With a bar of soap and some water, keeping our skin clean used to be so simple. Now, some care products include small plastic grains and these ‘scrubbers’ are ending up in the marine environment through discharged sewage water. SAR member organisation SDN is calling for action and an end to this worrying source of marine plastic pollution.

Dutch NGO Stichting De Noordzee (or otherwise known as the North Sea Foundation) has launched an online petition calling for people to support their 'I scrub plastic free' campaign. They are calling for an end to the inclusion of microplastics in personal care products that are too small to be filtered out in water treatment plants.

Research carried out by the North Sea Foundation has indicated that plastic particles are now common in many personal hygiene products such as facial scrubs; and after every wash, these minuscule grains are ending up down the plug hole and into the wastewater system.

Plastic pollution on our beaches and in our seas is becoming a horrendous environmental, social and industrial problem and the build of very small plastics, known as microplastics, is a particular concern as they might be entering the food chain and acting as vectors for other pollutants.


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