Seas At Risk German member BUND has launched a comic competition to raise awareness amongst seafarers on the problems of ship waste dumping and marine litter. The competition invites graphic designers to provide illustrations by the end of April this year.

BUND see awareness raising amongst seafarers as an important step in preventing waste ending up in the marine environment and launched the ‘Nothing overboard’ competition as part of their ‘Waste reduction in the North and Baltic Sea’ campaign earlier this year.

Globally, it is estimated that more than 8 million items of marine litter enter the world’s oceans and seas every day - of which 5 million items are thought to be thrown overboard or lost from ships.

Northern European waters include busy shipping lanes and are particularly bad for ship waste dumping with research indicating that some beaches in Germany have as much as 95% of litter originating from ships.

The competition invites designers to present illustrations without text because of the comic’s intended use by seafarers from across the world.

Aside from becoming a published comic by one Europe’s largest national environmental groups, the winner of the competition will also be handed €3000!

With around 480,000 members, BUND is one of the major environmental groups in Germany, with a national network of 2,000 regional and local departments.

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