This June saw SAR member the North Sea Foundation launch their ‘MyBeach’ initiative across the Dutch coast – a project that aims to tackle marine litter by encouraging beach goers to clean up not only their own mess but also the trash brought in by the sea.

The North Sea Foundation reckons that like a ‘quiet carriage’ on a train where passengers keep their noise down, we should also have beaches that are litter free.

The Dutch NGO wants a MyBeach to have special arrangements such as having placards with information about marine debris and littering and having more bins for effective waste disposal.

The initiative is being run on six beaches spread across four coastal municipalities on the Dutch coast, with clean-ups taking place at Hoek van Holland, Noordwijk, Zandvoort and Texel.

What makes the clean-ups unique is that each of the municipalities responsible for the beaches no longer cleans the beaches. The responsibility now lies with the beach goers.

The North Sea Foundation is running the project in conjunction with coastal enterprises and encourages people to get involved online through Facebook.


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