It’s the biggest beach clean-up in the UK and this year SAR member the Marine Conservation Society is running their ‘Beachwatch Big Weekend’ hoping to attract many thousands of volunteers in the fight against marine litter.

MCS’s annual beach clean has attracted incredible numbers of voluntary garbage collectors ever since its clean-up operations began in 1994. Although MCS run beach cleans throughout the year, the clean-up this September has added importance because it is also part of the International Coastal Cleanup which takes place in 80 countries worldwide.

The data gathered during the monitoring helps MCS shape its beach litter campaigns and keep the issue on the UK Government’s agenda.

MCS say that the problem is not getting any better on UK beaches and they are one of over 30 European NGOs supporting a call for a 50% reduction in marine litter to be achieved across Europe by 2020.

Under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Member States have until October 15 this year to set out their reduction targets for 2020. Setting ambitious targets is vitally important in order to ensure that adequate measures are taken to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution and marine litter in our seas and oceans.


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