Seas at Risk member, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has accused the government of a complete lack of ambition to preserve the seas. Out of a recommended 127 marine conservation zones in UK waters, the government has declared only 31 will be protected by the end of next year, none of which will have all activities banned.

Government advisors have highlighted 127 zones in need of protection through a multi million pound consultation involving NGOS, local communities and marine industries. The zones would have differing levels of protection, to create a comprehensive network of marine protected areas to improve the health of Britain’s seas.

Out of the recommended 127, 59 sites are considered to be high risk. MCS has called for these 59 to be designated immediately, and the rest to be designated by the end of 2014.

MCS says the Government has failed to set out a detailed roadmap for how it intends to deliver its international commitment to establishing an Ecologically Coherent Network and the designation of just 31 sites does not constitute a network. They accuse the coalition government of demonstrating little care for the damage currently being done to the seabed around England’s coast.

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