Seas At Risk member the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has been busy recently, with two huge events to get the public involved in marine conservation and to put pressure on the UK’s politicians.

On the 25th February they organised a march on Parliament to demand that the government honours its EU commitment to create a comprehensive network of marine protected areas (MPA’s). The march was held in conjunction with the British Sub Aqua Club, Sea Life and the television program Hugh’s Fish Fight.

They gathered close to 2000 people together in a carnival style parade to raise awareness of the government’s plan to create only 31 MPA’s. This flies in the face of experts who have stated that 127 MPAs are necessary, and whereby 51 of those are urgently needed to avoid catastrophic changes in the UK marine environment.
Marine Litter

In the second event, MCS are organising a country wide Big Beach Clean Up between April 22 - 28. The clean up will take place on 110 beaches across Britain, with volunteers spending a few hours collecting and recording rubbish on the beach, to create an overall picture of the marine litter problem of the British coastline.

Last year saw 6000 volunteers collect over 3200 bin bags full of rubbish. All volunteers will have a Seashore Safari Guide to help them identify the myriad of animals that live on the beach.

The event takes place at a time almost 6 months after the UK failed to meet an implementation deadline to set out its plans to reduce marine litter under the EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Although the plans have now been partially submitted, almost every other Member State has fully delivered their plans.

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