Learn2sea.org continues to expand with 8 new resources added this year. Take a look at a few of our favourite materials, which can all be found on www.learn2sea.org

The deep sea dress up by the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

This fun and light hearted game aims to draw attention to a very serious problem. Deep sea resources are being plundered and destroyed before we have enough knowledge about them. Deep sea trawling is decimating fragile and slow growing communities, and pushing some fish species close to extinction. The deep sea dress up invites people to dress up the ugly Roundnose Grenadier to make him more attractive, and then send it to the United Nations Secretary General to call on nations to stop fishing the deep sea.

Beginners guide on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

Fish for The Future have created this beautifully designed info graphic to illustrate the problems with the current CFP in easy to understand diagrams. It also addresses the positive benefits of having 80% sustainable fish stocks by 2020, and how this can be achieved through a successful reform of the CFP. A useful resource for all ages, experts and beginners alike.

Sea Champions

This great volunteering project from the Marine Conservation Society offers a way for people to get involved with marine conservation in their community. Volunteers are given the opportunity to attend beach clean ups, advocate sustainable sea food, arrange talks and fund raising activities and participate in national campaigns.

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