At Seas At Risk’s annual general meeting, three new NGOs from across Europe joined our growing membership base. Each of the new members come from European NGOs working on marine issues who are keen to have representation in Brussels to help influence marine policy.

Natuurpunt is a Belgian NGO, who administers and maintains northern Belgian’s network of natural parks and nature centers. They have a huge membership base of ordinary people who want to enjoy nature and contribute to protecting it. They also have a large base of volunteers and staff who work in the natural parks, preserving nature and educating the general public. Natuurpunt also works on coastal issues to protect Belgian beaches.

Mediterranean SOS Network is a Greek non-profit organization with 120 members and 3000 supporting members working to protect the marine and coastal zone. Acknowledging the necessity of a change in society’s perspectives concerning the concept of prosperity, MedSOS works towards awareness raising, provides in-depth information, encourages changes in citizens' everyday behaviour, promotes the active public participation in sustainable development strategies, and is engaged in advocacy, lobbying, collaboration and networking activities.

France Nature Environment is a federation of 3000 French environmental and nature protection associations. Its broad range of actions and expertise, covering all French territories (including overseas territories), make FNE a wide network of environmental guardians. France Nature Environment was founded in 1968 and works to alert and inform the general public when the environment is under threat. Within the marine environment, they work on marine protected areas and the implementation of the MSFD.

We welcome our new members and look forward to working with them on many important issues in the future.

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France Nature Environment

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