Brussels - Spanish waste NGO network Retorna has joined Seas At Risk as their 26th member organisation.

Retorna is a Spanish network of 17 NGOs, consumer and environmental groups, trade unions and recyclers that works to realise a zero waste future and to stop the flow of waste from our society into the Mediterranean. They believe that no waste should be landfilled, incinerated or end up in our forests, rivers or seas.

Spain has far to go if it is to achieve this goal. Only 15% of waste is recycled and barely 9% is composted. Of the 51 million beverage containers put on the market daily, 28 million are sent to landfill or incineration and four million disappear, usually into the environment as litter. In marine litter surveys they make up between 30 and 50%. As a result, Retorna is focused on creating and promoting deposit return schemes as the most efficient and sustainable solution to the problem. The platform also promotes beach clean-up operations and consumer educational projects through its website.

Seas At Risk looks forward to working together with Retorna in our fight against marine litter.

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