Seas At Risk is very happy to welcome fish4tomorrow and the Good Fish Foundation to its network, bringing its total number of members to 30.

Both organisations are working primarily on fisheries issues, with both producing sustainable consumer guides for the Malta and the Netherlands, respecitvely.

The Good Fish Foundation (GFF)  was founded in June 2014 to manage and develop the Dutch VISwijzer (Seafood Guide). The GFF works with and alongside European businesses to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable seafood supply chain and sustainable aquaculture development. They aim to do this by promoting market demand for sustainable seafood and by assisting consumers and businesses throughout the seafood supply chain in making informed and responsible buying decisions. The Foundation targets producers, processors, traders, retailers, consumers and governments in the Netherlands and Europe.

Fish4tomorrow aims to create a culture of sustainable fishing and seafood consumption. Formed originally in 2010 as a coalition between five Maltese NGOs, the organisation has previously worked on information and public advocacy on the issue of sustainable fisheries, and the organisation is now aiming to engage in bigger projects based on research, advocacy and communications, while engaging with EU fisheries policy making. 

We look forward to working with both organisations on EU fisheries and aquaculture policy in the future.

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