Surfrider at COP21 conference

Some of our members are also active at the COP21 climate conference in Paris this month. 3rd December is Oceans Day at the conference centre, with a host of events organised to highlight the importance of the seas in regulating the climate, how they are being affected by rising carbon dioxide level and temperatures, and the roll that shipping is playing as a driver of climate change. Surfrider Europe is joining with others in the Ocean and Climate Platform, and has produced a series of videos in English and French on the link between healthy seas and climate change.

New Marine Litter Report

Member organisation the Environmental Investigation Agency has been working on the issue of marine litter, and in particular discarded ‘ghost’ netting, for the past few years. In their recently released ‘Lost at Sea’ report, they highlight the urgent need to tackle marine litter, with a special focus on the damage plastics are doing, and a list of recommendations. The report is available here.

Oceancare working for quieter oceans

Our Swiss member organisation OceanCare has issued their quadrennial report, with a special focus on their work to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to combat ocean noise pollution. OceanCare is an active member of the UN’s Economic and Social Committee and works to protect marine species and their habitats. You can read the report here.

ENT on EU fisheries policy

As the Fisheries Council prepares Spanish member ENT’s fisheries policy officer Lydia Chaparro has been active in putting forward the message that the current implementation of the reformed Common Fisheries Policy is inadequate and unsustainable. Writing in the Parliament magazine and Euractiv Europe (in Spanish), she stresses that ministers are setting limits in excess of those recommended by scientists at ICES, endangering stock recovery. She also considers the specific situation in Spain, where hake and monkfish catches have been systematically set above levels recommended by the science.

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