Between 4 and 7 April, over 450 activists committed to protecting the ocean and climate responded to the call made ​​by various associations including Seas At Risk member Surfrider and many others.

The aim was to expose and disrupt Marine Construction and Engineering Deepwater Development (MCEDD) summit , which had the express aim of promoting new offshore oil drilling, something in total contradiction to the aims of the recently agreed Paris Agreement adopted at COP21.

Volunteers from Surfrider Côte Basque were heavily involved in the action, constructing a mock oil well to denounce these offshore drilling. More volunteers and a team from the Surfrider Europe headquarters attended the event on the 6 April, where activists blocked the entrances of the summit and held a die-in in front of the giant Palais Beaumont, where the conference was held.

This mobilization is a first, as these summits are normally held outside of the media, but it is the coalition’s hope that it is the first of many. Cécile Marchand of the ANVCOP21 movement "The message we are sending from Pau is clear: oil producers can no longer meet without intervention; they can no longer engage in new climate-destroying projects without being met with non-violent demonstrations. We are determined to play our part in getting out of the climate emergency and make the transition to a liveable and united world".

You can see more about what the campaign is trying to achieve and what they are up against on Surfrider’s site here.

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