Seas At Risk member organisation the Fundació ENT, is organizing together with eco-union and EUCC Mediterranean Centre the first Blue Eco Forum. The event gathers together key stakeholders - NGOs, researchers, private and public representatives - from the Euro-Mediterranean. They will discuss the major environmental, social and economic challenges of the Mediterranean Sea as well as explore new solutions towards a more sustainable and inclusive development of the Mediterranean region. The Forum will address topics like the environmental state of the Mediterranean Sea, marine litter, fisheries, blue economy and governance. Seas At Risk Deputy Director, Ann Dom, will participate in the panel discussion “Blue Economy in the Mediterranean: what opportunities and challenges to design and implement a sustainable blue future in the region?” The event is scheduled for Friday 25th of November 2016 in the Maritime Museum of Barcelona, Spain. Please find here the draft agenda (the final agenda will be uploaded when ready on the same link). 


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