Seas At Risk member, Mare Foundation is organising a first meeting of the Baltic Fisheries Forum on October 25th in Gdynia to stimulate discussions on how to achieve sustainable fisheries. Several types of Polish stakeholders will participate - fishermen, scientists, fish processors, NGOs and government. One of the most debated topics will focus on the new management plan for Baltic cod, herring and sprat. In the context of the Common Fisheries Policy, discussions will also deal with the proposal for technical measures, which are meant to establish where, when and how fishing may take place. This is fundamental for minimising the impact of fishing on populations and the wider marine ecosystem. The new measures will help meeting the objectives of the Common Fisheries Policy and support more sustainable fishing methods. The Mare Foundation plans to organise at least four meetings of the Baltic Fisheries Forum annually to allow for an open discussion on fishery related topics.

The invitation and agenda (in Polish) can be found here for further information find Mare Foundation’s contacts here

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