As the second largest maritime area in the world, France has a significant responsibility to protect marine ecosystems. Despite this, it has yet to adopt an ambitious, sustainable coastal and maritime policy. It is time for French citizens to speak up and insist that France develops a maritime policy that centres on environmental considerations and reflects the limits of marine ecosystems.

Between 26 January and 25 March 2018, the French government is consulting the public on its strategies for the four coastlines and maritime areas of mainland France (North and Normandy, Brittany and Loire, Aquitaine, and Mediterranean). These aim to implement the 2017 National Strategy for the Sea and the Coast, taking into account local specificities. As part of this consultation, a participatory online platform provides citizens with information on maritime and coastal issues, proposes a vision for the future of the French coastline and seas, and asks for suggestions to improve coastlines and maritime areas. France Nature Environnement, a French environmental organisation and member of Seas At Risk, has formulated five proposals to ensure that environmental considerations are at the core of the four strategies.

French seas and coastlines support many uses and are subject to a wide range of pressures, including overfishing, coastal construction and port extensions, land pollution, and climate change. The expansion of economic activities, combined with growing demographic pressure, increases the risk of damage to the coastal and marine environment. The economic development mistakes of the past 70 years, which have led to the current ecological and climate crisis, must inform the choices that will be made for existing and emerging coastal and maritime activities.

France Nature Environnement supports strong measures to preserve Marine Protected Areas, support sustainable fishing techniques, combat the harassment of wild dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea, preserve the coastline from erosion and urbanisation, and fight against air pollution from shipping.

Discover and support the France Nature Environnement proposal for each coastal and maritime area:

FNE press release on the public consultation

Normandie et Hauts-de-France

Bretagne et Pays de la Loire

Nouvelle Aquitaine

Corse, Occitanie et Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

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