10 May 2019

This guide aims to ensure maritime spatial plans support healthy, productive and biologically diverse seas. It sets out some core principles for good practice maritime spatial planning, things NGOs should be mindful of when engaging in stakeholder participation processes, and includes a repository of useful links to guidance documents and good practice examples.

24 September 2015

Seas At Risk's Swiss member organisation OceanCare is working to raise awareness of the deleterious effects of ocean noise on marine mammals. In particular they have been lobbying the United States' and Greek governments to prevent seismic testing that could seriously harm cetacean life.

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12 September 2013

The Global Ocean Commission (GOC) – an independent commission aimed at tackling issues facing the high seas - is seeking views on how to reverse degradation of the oceans and restore them to full, sustainable productivity.

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21 May 2013

Today, on European Maritime Day, 26 environmental NGOs come together as one voice to demand that the proposed Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management (MSP-ICM) gets a firmer environmental legal basis.

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17 May 2013

In this joint position paper, Seas At Risk, BirdLife Europe and WWF, supported by 23 NGOs from across Europe, stress the importance of putting environmental conservation at the core of the MSP-ICM Directive. 

18 April 2013

Offshore wind farms are becoming a major part of the European-wide drive to end reliance on fossil fuels and increase the amount of energy coming from renewable sources. A report from Sweden has conducted the first major review of wind farm effects on marine life.

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14 March 2013

Environmental NGOs have welcomed the proposal for a Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) and Coastal Management as a tool to help achieve sustainable maritime development, but want to ensure that crucial environmental commitments are not traded off against sectoral ones in the process.

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03 May 2011

The European Commission has published a new Biodiversity Strategy, aimed at achieving the headline target of halting the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystem services in the EU by 2020, and restoring them in so far as feasible, while stepping up the EU contribution to averting global biodiversity loss.

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24 March 2011

With multiple sectors utilizing the marine and coastal environment, the competition for space has never been stronger. In response to this, the Commission has launched a public consultation that seeks to explore options for EU action in coastal management and maritime planning.

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16 September 2009

The European Commission has delivered its first progress report on maritime policy, two years after its launch.

The aim of integrated maritime policy is to get many of the different bodies responsible for the different elements involved in maritime policy to cooperate.

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