13 November 2006

London, 13th November 2006. The North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) will hold its 2006 Annual Meeting from the 13-17th November. On the agenda is a prohibition for orange roughy fisheries (pictured) and a freeze on the expansion of deep-sea fisheries into new, un-fished areas of the North East Atlantic.

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03 November 2006

London, 3rd November 2006. A study in the November 3rd edition of Science (Worm et al, 2006) has drawn a clear link between declining biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services, concluding that “marine biodiversity loss is increasingly impairing the ocean’s ability to provide food, maintain water quality, and recover from perturbations.”

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19 October 2006
Seas At Risk is reaching the end of a period of review and reorganisation and a number of exciting changes will strengthen the organisation and improve the effectiveness of its future work.

On the 26th September the General Board of Seas At Risk met at new offices in Brussels (pictured), elected a new five person Management Committee, welcomed into post Siri Engesaeth, its new Director, and adopted a new constitution that will see Seas At Risk transformed from a Dutch Foundation to a Belgian Association from 1st January 2007. In addition a new web site (we hope you like it) will enhance its campaign and lobby work while providing a focus for marine environmental activities at an EU and wider North East Atlantic level.

New Seas At Risk Articles of Association.
11 October 2006

Brussels, 11th October 2006. The first step in the process of strengthening the European Commission's proposal for a Marine Strategy Directive (MSD) was taken by the Environment Committee of the European Parliament on Tuesday (10th October).

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29 September 2006

Brussels, 29th September 2006. Seas At Risk and the DSCC today accused the European Commission of greenwashing a set of proposals designed to undermine the growing support for a high seas moratorium on bottom trawl fishing.

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05 May 2006

Gothenburg, May 5th 2006. Ministers today ensured the sad end to a once proud process of international cooperation to protect the North Sea. Today’s special meeting, the last in a long series of interministerial North Sea Conference events stretching back to 1984, was convened in recognition of the very significant threat still posed to the environment of the North Sea by the shipping and fishing industries.

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