One Planet Shipping

our vision

Changing the course of shipping

There are limits to growth

Our ability to live within the planet's environmental limits requires a major rethink of how we produce and distribute 'things' globally.

Lifestyle change for the better

Four major industries serviced by shipping - food, energy, infrastructure, and fashion - drive more than 90% of man-made pressure on biodiversity.

Conscious consumption

Access to goods and services lies with a wealthy few. Consumption should reflect global need and planetary boundaries.
Armada of wind ships sailing into the horizon.

Sustainable trade

Make trade more resilient so it meets human needs, reduces its impact on the climate, and helps develop smaller ports in underserved communities.

Just transition

Create a fair and inclusive economy by supporting the regeneration of coastal communities and sustainable jobs, and creating safe harbours with strong links to smaller, decentralised markets.

Shipping is a direct threat to climate and ocean health, and enables unsustainable levels of international manufacturing and trade – major catalysts of climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse, both at sea and on land.

Currently, shipping serves neither planet nor people. With ships transporting 90% of all traded goods worldwide using dirty and tax-free fossil fuels, concentrating wealth and exacerbating inequalities, it’s clear that business as usual cannot continue. Implementing broader and stronger policies to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises will change the way shipping conducts its business. However, turning words into action is a slow and exhausting process, even though science points to the fact that immediate emission cuts are the only way to prevent climate disaster.

One Planet Shipping is a Seas At Risk project to steer shipping down a more sustainable path, and show that it is possible to live within our planet’s boundaries. With One Planet Shipping, we will reframe our collective understanding of trade and transport’s role in our societies, and we will work with others to create an inspiring vision of a cleaner world that unites us. A world with fair consumption, safe harbours, sustainable trade and a just transition. A world we all want to be part of.