Why Join?

Seas At Risk is the largest umbrella organisation working on marine policy in Europe. It promotes ambitious policies to ensure seas and oceans are abundant in marine life, diverse, climate resilient, and not threatened by human pressures.

Seas At Risk amplifies the voice of its members at European level and works closely with the European institutions, particularly the Directorate Generals of Environment and Maritime affairs and Fisheries of the European Commission, and members of the European Parliament. Seas At Risk has observer status to key institutions such as the UN International Maritime Organisation and OSPAR, and is member of advisory bodies such as the Advisory Councils on fisheries policy.

Seas At Risk offers its members the opportunity to:

  • Coordinate advocacy at national level and ensure issues are raised at international meetings of governments.
  • Contribute to advocating and influencing EU legislation by shaping key messages in position papers, and participating in dedicated working groups and workshops to share ideas and expertise and help set strategies.
  • Receive regular updates on the development of the debate and legislative process at EU level, as well as tools to support advocacy efforts at national level.
  • Get visibility at international level through Seas At Risk’s communication channels.
  • Benefit from occasional joint funding applications.