Global warming, pollution and overfishing risk the collapse of life in our seas and oceans. Stopping further decline and helping to build healthy, diverse ecosystems that have an abundance of life is essential. This will also allow our seas and oceans to continue helping to mitigate the worst effects of global warming. But it will not happen on its own. Rewilding the seas and oceans will require careful planning, governance and well-managed marine protected areas.


of large marine predators have disappeared in recent decades.

1 million

species on earth are at risk of extinction, with marine species disappearing at a faster pace than land-based species.

We are on the edge of a biodiversity collapse, the consequences of which are largely underestimated. We work to bring back life to the ocean, and ensure that it thrives with healthy habitats and well-functioning ecosystems.

Tobias Troll, Marine Director at Seas At Risk.