Advisory Councils (ACs) were set up to provide greater regional stakeholder involvement in EU fisheries management. The main task of the ACs is to provide the European Commission and respective Member States with advice on fisheries management in their specific regions. Seas At Risk and several of its member organisations participate in most ACs, aiming to achieve a more environmentally sustainable fisheries management at regional level.

Seas At Risk is currently involved (directly or indirectly through its member organisations) in the North Sea AC, the North Western Waters AC, the South Western Waters AC, the Pelagic AC, the Long Distance AC, the Mediterranean AC and the Aquaculture AC.
Advisory Council members are representatives of the fisheries sector and other interest groups from the region who are affected by the Common Fisheries Policy. 60% of the available seats in each AC are allocated to representatives of the fisheries sector, including fishers, ship-owners, producer organisations, processors, traders and market organisations. 40% is allocated to other interest groups, including environmental organisations, consumers and recreational or sport fishermen.

For more information on the individual ACs, click below.

South Western Waters
North Western Waters
Mediterranean Advisory Council 
North Sea
Long Distance Fisheries
Pelagic Fisheries
Aquaculture Advisory Council 
Baltic Sea

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