Jean-Luc Solandt

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Jean-Luc is a marine biologist with over 1000 dives experience: That was the old days. He started out doing tropical ecological research in Australia, then a PhD on sea urchin ecology and herbivory in Jamaica&London in the mid 1990s. He then moved into expedition science, working in London, Philippines, Fiji and Tanzania, training volunteers in reef survey techniques. Baseline data was used to plan management of MPAs in collaboration with local and national Governments and local NGOs and community groups. Since 2002 he returned to the UK to work on basking shark conservation, science and environmental politics, going on to develop aspects of citizen science programmes in UK and Maldives. From 2010, he has fully concentrated on developing aspects of management for MPAs and has been working to stop bottom trawling in MPAs using law, ecological evidence, and collaborations with academics, fishers, marine managers, and government officials. He loves working with Seas At Risk, because he pretends to be half French and remains a Europhile. He plays guitars badly, loves mountain biking and drifting aimlessly in canoes down beautiful rivers near his house that is far too far away from the sea.