Today the European Commission published the EU agenda on International Ocean Governance, announcing its intention to “prohibit deep-sea mining until scientific gaps are properly filled, no harmful effects arise from mining and the marine environment is effectively protected”.

Monica Verbeek, Executive Director at Seas At Risk, said: “It is very timely of the Commission to publish its objectives for international works for ocean governance just before the UN Ocean Conference, clarifying its key positions in advance of the upcoming important negotiations in this ocean super year: the high seas treaty negotiations in August, the International Seabed meeting in August and the Convention on Biological Diversity COP in November.
It is encouraging to see the European Commission strengthen its position against deep-sea mining, in line with the calls for moratorium of the European Parliament, Pacific Parliamentarians and of hundreds of organisations around the world. We are now counting on many countries to voice their support for the moratorium at the UN Ocean Conference.
Deep-sea mining is simply not reconcilable with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life below water – or any other SDG for that matter. It would irreversibly damage earth’s largest and most precious ecosystem. The large-scale loss of biodiversity is not worth the profits”.