Seas At Risk together with its members Ecologistas en Accion, BUND and Sciaena published a report showcasing a series of examples from different EU countries where fishing opportunities are allocated according to social, economic and environmental criteria. Since the last reform of the Common Fisheries Policy in 2013, EU Member States are obliged to use social, economic and environmental criteria to allocate fishing quotas and rights, alongside the traditional historic criterion. However, this distribution rarely happens. The great majority of the allocation of fishing opportunities still exclusively follows the historic criterion, leading to an unfair and outdated distribution of fishing opportunities. These examples were collected to inspire national governments and encourage them to replicate these examples, tailor them to their national realities, and upscale them to a larger area. 

Read the press release “New report: Commission and EU Countries to draw from existing realities to boost fair and eco-friendly fishing allocations

Summary: “10 examples from EU Member States pioneering fair and eco-friendly allocation of fishing opportunities

Full report below: