Marine biodiversity is under pressure from human activities. Marine Protected Areas are designated to protect and restore marine species and habitats, and are often created in important zones where species reproduce or feed. However, Marine Protected Areas often lack concrete management measures to reduce the impact of human activities. Seas At Risk works with its members to increase the number and size of Marine Protected Areas in Europe, and improve their effectiveness by establishing ambitious conservation objectives and management measures. These efforts aim to protect an increasing number of vulnerable species and habitats and contribute to ensuring our seas are rich marine ecosystems that are capable of adapting to a changing environment.

Only 1.8%

of European seas

have conservation measures to truly protect their unique marine life.


of European seas

are designated as Marine Protected Areas.

Marine Protected Areas need to be more than a square on a map to ensure sensitive species and unique habitats are truly protected. Effective measures must ensure these areas are safe havens for marine life to have a break from harmful human activities.

Marc-Philip Buckhout, Policy Officer at Seas At Risk.