Green recovery offers considerable potential for smart investments that will deliver both a healthier economy and a healthier environment. However, although investments in the marine environment can yield large returns, governments around the world spend an estimated 22 billion dollars annually on capacity-enhancing, harmful financial incentives and subsidies in the fisheries sector alone. The EU, too, continues to invest in these harmful incentives, despite the marine ecosystem being already on the brink on collapse. The EU’s Green Recovery plan presents an unexpected opportunity to redirect these resources towards sustainable recovery.

Ocean Action! - and Ocean Week 2020 - were meant to be among the first events in Europe to open the ‘Ocean Super Year’. What a strange yet warm feeling it is to look back on that day today, when we could all still gather to discuss the actions needed to achieve the healthy and resilient ocean on which we depend.

The past year has seen growing calls for a moratorium on deep-sea mining. Hundreds of NGOs, the European Parliament, the European fisheries industry and several renowned scientists – including Sir David Attenborough and Sylvia Earle - are recommending precautionary action to protect the deep sea from irreversible large-scale harm. Now, the European Commission has joined the call for such a moratorium

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