Overfishing. Pollution. Acidification. Warming. Our precious ocean and the life that calls it home are now more at risk than ever before.  Ocean Week 2020 – seven days of events, discussions and activities in Brussels and beyond – puts the spotlight on the huge threats faced by marine species and habitats while offering real solutions on how to solve them. We need thriving biodiversity in our oceans to support life on earth.

The ocean makes up 70% of the world’s surface, acts as a vital carbon sink, regulates the weather and produces half of the oxygen we breathe. Europe has the power to lead in its protection and restoration. Ocean Week 2020 is brought to you by BirdLife Europe, ClientEarth, Oceana, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Seas at Risk, Surfrider Foundation Europe and WWF.

All events are free but registration is required!