Seas At Risk is delighted to welcome Shark Guardian as our newest member. Shark Guardian protects sharks and the natural environment through conservation, education, research projects and expeditions. As top predators, sharks play an important role in maintaining balanced marine ecosystems and, like all other large animals in the ocean, sharks contribute to the correct functioning of the ocean carbon cycle, with positive effects on climate change mitigation. However, millions of sharks are killed each year – both directly and indirectly – by various human related activities, including being unintentionally caught in fishing nets and being killed by the cruel practice of shark finning. Protecting and preserving them is fundamental to keep our oceans healthy. 

Founded as a UK charity by Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing, Shark Guardian takes part in campaigns and activities worldwide and actively collaborates with other conservation organisations to save and protect the world’s sharks and oceans.

As part of the Seas at Risk family, Shark Guardian will focus on deep water fisheries, marine litter, and EU ocean regulation. Shark Guardian is a unique addition to our organisation and their expertise will advance our fight to keep sharks safe and to strengthen policies to protect them. 

Seas At Risk grows stronger with each new member and we are grateful for their enthusiasm, willingness to cooperate, and broad expertise in various, interlinked fields.