Stop bulldozing our ocean!

Fishing nets as tall as a three-story building and as wide as a football field scoop up the seabed every day.

In seconds, these nets destroy everything in their path, killing dolphins, seals, corals, seahorses and hundreds of other marine species.

Bottom-trawling is one of the most harmful industrial fishing practices, and it’s ravaging the jewel of European seas and oceans: our marine protected areas.

In fact, 86% of Marine protected Areas in Europe, are impacted. Supposedly protected species and valuable ecosystems are being destroyed instead of being preserved.

We mustn’t sit idle and watch our ocean being devoured.

Seas At Risk, together with Oceana, Our Fish, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and Environmental Justice Foundation, launched a citizens’ petition, urging European decision makers to include a ban on bottom-trawling in all MPAs in the EU Action Plan.

You have a say! Sign the petition and ensure that marine life is immediately protected from this unacceptable destruction.

Together, let’s #BanBottomTrawling!