Ocean Action! - and Ocean Week 2020 - were meant to be among the first events in Europe to open the ‘Ocean Super Year’. What a strange yet warm feeling it is to look back on that day today, when we could all still gather to discuss the actions needed to achieve the healthy and resilient ocean on which we depend.

The past year has seen growing calls for a moratorium on deep-sea mining. Hundreds of NGOs, the European Parliament, the European fisheries industry and several renowned scientists – including Sir David Attenborough and Sylvia Earle - are recommending precautionary action to protect the deep sea from irreversible large-scale harm. Now, the European Commission has joined the call for such a moratorium

Responding to the publication of annual scientific advice for EU fishing limits for 2021 in the Baltic Sea by ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea), which finds important Baltic fish populations remain in a state of crisis, and the entire Baltic Sea ecosystem in very poor health [1], a group of NGOs are demanding that the European Commission and national fisheries ministers adhere to ICES expert scientific recommendations for zero fishing of western Baltic herring and eastern Baltic cod for 2021, to end overfishing of all other species, and commit to increased focus on ecosystem and climate considerations.

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