Seas At Risk has extended its network in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and Black Sea, welcoming two new member organisations: Ecologistas en Accion and Friends of the Black Sea. These additions bring the number of Seas At Risk members to 32, across 16 European countries.

Ecologistas en Accion is a confederation of more than 300 environmental groups throughout Spain, operating in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Its campaigns on climate change and the marine environment, for example, raise public awareness while also seeking to develop concrete and viable alternatives. Overfishing and marine pollution are two key areas for Ecologistas en Accion, together with the protection of marine biodiversity.

Bulgarian-based Friends of the Black Sea works for the protection, conservation and recovery of the Black Sea ecosystem. It seeks to safeguard the long-term exploitation of resources and promotes environmentally friendly fisheries and aquaculture in order to alleviate the negative impacts of fishing activities on marine ecosystems.

Seas At Risk’s members are the lifeblood of the organisation, with both of these new members already taking an active role. Member engagement and coordinated action allow Seas At Risk to make a high-quality contribution to shaping European policies and to ensure ambitious implementation of EU policies at national level.  Seas At Risk would like to take this opportunity to thank all current members for their extraordinary work and commitment.