Seas At Risk is proud to announce that The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, or more locally known as Naturvernforbundet, are our newest members. They are returning members, having had originally collaborated with Seas At Risk in the early nineties. They play a vital role in protecting nature and the environment in Norway and have a special marine focus on the North Sea.

Norwegian people are renowned to be avid fishermen, having an interconnected relationship with the sea that stems back thousands of years. To this day, fisheries and aquaculture are important industries in Norway, providing for the rest of the world. However, with harmful fishing gear being used in vulnerable fjord areas, bottom-trawling destroying Norway’s cold-water coral reefs and the ecological footprint ever present in farmed salmon, The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature believes that marine policies must be changed and are working towards obtaining higher protection measures.  Marine litter and other man-made debris can also be found throughout Norway’s beaches and the organisation is active in awareness raising and local beach clean-ups.

By re-joining Seas At Risk, The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature will strengthen their marine conservation work at a European level and will focus on MPAs, sustainable fisheries, offshore wind, deep sea mining and marine litter. As our only Norwegian member, they will be a unique addition to the community, their expertise on conditions in Norway and the North Sea will give us precious insight to help strengthen policies.

Seas At Risk now has 32 members from 18 European countries. We are grateful for our community that holds a vast and deep knowledge in the marine environment.