DSC 4921

Dr Monica Verbeek

Executive Director

mverbeek /at/ seas-at-risk.org

DSC 5001

Ann Dom

Deputy Director

adom /at/ seas-at-risk.org











John Maggs

Senior Policy Advisor

jmaggs /at/ seas-at-risk.org 

DSC 5080

Marc-Philip Buckhout

Aqualture Policy Officer

mpbuckhout /at/ seas-at-risk.org

Xiaowei website

Xiaowei Liu

Operations Manager
xliu /at/ seas.at.risk.org


DSC 4974

Sara Tironi

Communications Officer

stironi /at/ seas-at-risk.org

DSC 4769

Frédérique Mongodin

Senior Marine Litter Policy Officer

fmongodin /at/ seas-at-risk.org


DSC 4754

Andrea Ripol

Fisheries Policy Officer

aripol /at/ seas-at-risk.org

DSC 4644

Louisa Gray

Member Liaison Officer

lgray /at/ seas-at-risk.org


Renske Cox

Finance and Administation Officer

rcox /at/ seas-at-risk.org


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